Sunday, May 22, 2011

Totally shabby chic junk art table

The drawers were missing and the top was in bad shape.

An old cabinet door with the hardware still attached made a GREAT new top.

And another matching door with the hinges made a great new front. This
is permanently attached.

The paint revealed some embossed lettering in the door that went un-noticed.
The screen material was added for fun :)

Ready for the porch!


  1. Tammy you did a great job on this! I love the old rusty hardware and the screen you put on the front. Totally my "junky style" as well.
    Susan @

  2. Fabulous repurposing job!! I love old cabinet doors with the hardware attached. I think they can be used for so many projects and they certainly were a perfect addition to the table.

  3. This is super cute! I think the embossed letters really added a nice touch to the door :)

  4. Want my address so you can send it to me? LOL! That is fabulous! You did a great job, love the lettering, but the screen tacked on is divine. I'm stealing your're so clever.