Saturday, March 26, 2011

Re-purposed bed cot

What is it?  Well, it USED to be a bed cot, but with some pressure treated boards added, it's now labeled a 'deck table' !

Imagine this table on your deck with 2 or 3 chairs on each side, tray of snacks, friends and cold beverages...
you get the idea :)


  1. I see a party plan ahead! FUN idea!

  2. Oh my - I am so completely in love with all of your ideas!!! You are absolutely amazing!!! Thank you so much for sharing all of your delicious ideas!! They are all absolutely the bomb!! I just can't say enough about all of them!! Can you hear me gushing with excitement!!! Thanks so much!!!!

  3. Nice light! I'll be following you... Laurel from Chipping with Charm likes us both! Nice blog "junk sister!"