Friday, February 11, 2011

Vintage "junk" for shelves

We salvaged this wood door with a copper
plate and glass knobs.  Cut into thirds.... and we have a shelf!

Flip the printer's drawer upside down and add iron wall brackets.

This was a 70's style oak cabinet. We painted it black and added doors made from an old barn door.  The shelf on top is a vintage ironing board. I gave it a shabby look with white paint.

Primitive tool tote turned sideways and screwed to the wall over the window.

I didn't have much room over my cabinets for decorating, so this old primitive ladder did the trick for starters.


  1. I love the door shelf and the wood handled box! all very cool ideas!

  2. OMGosh! What great glad I found this blog :) going to add it to my list of must reads.

    Clever and lovely. Many of those things I have lying around my house now they have new purpose.

    Found your blog link on FJI facebook comment. Kudos to you...great marketing!


  3. Lots of great ideas for reusing stuff for shelves. I love the box turned on the side. And I'm still searching for an old ladder for myself!

  4. Loved all of your ideas! You really thought outside the box and the shelves turned out great.

  5. Cute, cute, cute. All of it!

  6. What a creative lady you are! I've pinned some of your ideas to Pinterest and hop to visit again!